Studio De Esdoorn

I like to be creative at home but I also have a place where I can express my creativity; Atelier de Esdoorn (Studio The Maple Tree). This workplace consists of two closed parts. I use the front part for paints, inks, pencils, linoleum printing, monoprint, scanning large illustrations and product photography. Here is a printing press called Berta that helps me to make my Linoprints. The large A3 scanner has also found a home in the studio. If all this would be in my house, there is no room left to smear a sandwich or read a book (!) Hahaha!

The second part of the workshop is well sealed for dust and noise. Here you can work with wood. I can not be found here often, but I can not resist making a trip to the wood part to make some beautiful things to print later with beautiful illustrations.
Beautiful furniture is made in the wood workshop and these occasionally come on sale on this page on this website. All woodcraft is handmade and unique.
-At this moment we have nothing for sale-