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Of course you are curious about the things that I make. On this page you can view everything. I will briefly explain which branches of creativity I occupy myself with.

Illustrations - All my work has as a uses illustrations. Everything I illustrate can be found in, for example, my pattern work, cards and in books.

Surface design - Surface design means you make designs for surfaces. So that can be a lot!! The pattern on your bag, a cheerful background on the label of a jar of jam, but also wallpaper, wrapping paper and fabrics. So as you can expect you can buy lovely fabrics in my shop. Designed by me!

Artistic design - In this branch of creativity you keep yourself busy with putting things together like books and magazines. Where should an illustration go, how do you decorate the page, that sort of things.

I have divided my portfolio into two, one for the 'Image Vieuwers' and one for the 'Letter Readers'. Choose your way and look around!