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For viewers

Here you will find my portfolio with illustrations, artistic design and surface design. Do you have a question about one of the works? Mail me! Please note, there is a copyright on all my work. So please do not use an Image without asking it, please.

Katten Patroon ORANJE met logo WEBSITE


Patterns of Kitties! (Sphynxen and Devons) for fabric use. Orange version.

Patterns 'happy collenders'. 
 Rolschaatsen 1 groen zwart LOGOOTJE WEBSITE

Dwergmuisje in huisje met logo WEBSITE

Rollerskates  Informative illustration about the dwarf mouse
 Lewie 3095 WEBSITE

 Jimmy lente met nieuw logootje WEBSITE

 Cartooncat Lewie. He experiences all sorts of adventures!  Sphynx pendrawing for print on fabric