Sunday, 08 September 2019 14:22

Very big book news!

It has been quiet for a while, but now I have really big news for you! I made a book! Yes really!! I made the book for my Granny. The book is about her youth in Rotterdam during the Second World War. I have been working on it for quite a while now, it’s almost two years now! Illustrations, design, working with the printing company, it's an adventure for me! The book has now arrived at the printing company and is being printed as we speak! The book will also be for sale in the webshop of this website. You will soon read more in ‘cheerful chattering. The book presentation will be November 10th and from that day the book will be for sale!

Kijken naar een brandende stad

Illustration "Looking at the burning city" from book "Oma Ansie".

Sunday, 06 May 2018 13:55

Working on a Cookbook!

Super awesome news! I am currently working on a Cookbook where I will make all the illustrations and i do the layout of the book. The recipes come from Mieke Noor and are currently neatly worked out so that all categories are easy to find. So I am looking at every potato I peel and every spoonful of soup that I put into my mouth. I suddenly notice how beautiful food looks. I understand very well that many illustrators and designers like to draw food!

Shall give you a little sneak peek??? Well ... okay, only beacause it's you!

Aardappelen voor website
Look what a delicious fresh potatoes! ? It is a big project, so we are still working on it, but it is super fun to do! ?