About Johanna

Welcome to the website of Johanna Howell! I'm glad you found my website. Feel free to look around! If you have any questions, feel free to mail me.

Who is Johanna?

I am Johanna Howell and I work on illustrations, artistic design (for example books) and surface design (for example fabrics, wallpaper and cards). I have been creative since my childhood, something that I can really put all my energy in. I use a lot of different materials and I like to experiment with new media. At the moment I work a lot with watercolor, colored pencil and pastel pencil. Also fineliners and inks are fun to work with.


Do you know Splashes? They are nice creatures. They live in my head. As you can see, they consist of many colors and always have a splashing idea. Do you also have Splashes in your mind?


Do you know Splashes? Creatures in my mind!
They are so happy, really awesome and so kind!
Splashes are there in every colour of the rainbow.
They bring me every day in the right kind of flow!

Creativity is splattering around me, so fun!
That’s right, a new design project has just begun!!
Splashes are always very busy and mad as The Hatter.
But they make each and every day much better!

In my mind, they will run around, dance and sing.
They are happy and they want to make something!
I get my colour pensil, paintbrush and a lot of paper.
The Splashes make me a sparkling art maker!
Brain kleintje2 


Materials and Techniques

I work with many different materials and techniques. I like to try things out and test new material. At this moment I like to work with watercolor, colored pencil and pastel pencil. In addition, I find working with fineliner or dip pen with beautiful inks very nice, almost meditative. I use prints also to make my work like linocut for example,
I myself am crazy about making patterns for surface design (think of, for example, wallpaper, fabrics or wrapping paper) and make them yourself with a lot of fun. For these patterns I like to use different techniques, for example making stamps, spatter patterns or putting illustrations in a pattern.