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  • I am Johanna Howell and I love to work on my illustrations, artistic designs (for example books) and surface designs (like fabrics, wallpaper and cards).
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  • The Webshop sells all kinds of nice items that have been made by me. I sell all kinds of products like cards, teatowels, prints, headbands and scarves.
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Splashes are sweet but chaotic little creatures. They live in my head. As you can see, they consist of many colors and always have a splashing idea. Do you also have Splashes in your mind?

Cheerful Chattering

I would like to share with you all the nice things that I encounter in the world of illustration such as workshops, exhibitions and books.

Are you coming and take a look?

Studio De Esdoorn

In addition to making beautiful work at home, I can also be found in Studio de Esdoorn (The Maple Tree). Here are even more possibilities for me to make beautiful work!

Studio de Esdoorn stands for Magic on paper and wood!